AERI's aims
  AERI's actions
  An historical recollection of the french Resistance movement

AERI's aims


AERI strives to communicate this history and the values that it represents by:

  • Creating CD-ROMs on the Resistance movement in different departments or regions.

This project, which is still in progress, illustrates the fact that the Resistance movement was fundamentally a grass-roots phenomenon which sprouted in almost eighty separate departments.

  • Enhancing the values for which the Resistance movement has stood up.

From September 2002, we started organizing a test-programme in schools intended to open a discussion and debate over the “Values of the Resistance movement” and the “Values of today”. Following three years of experimentation in a dozen schools in Paris and other regions, the outcome proved very positive and led to a fully-fledged programme in 70 classes during the 2005-2006 school year. Another 140 classes are taking part in the programme during the 2006-2007 school year. One of the goals of the discussions is to examine how to motivate students to take on a more active role in community service and make youths more aware of the "values of today" through a project or a cause that motivates them.



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