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The Projects of AERI


AERI, since its creation in 1993, has continued to peruse its goal of preserving the history of the French Resistance. The following projects reflect the on going work of AERI :

> The creation of CD-ROMS and sometimes DVDs on the Resistance in the different departments or regions of France. This project, which is still in progress, illustrates the idea that the Resistance is fundamentally a phenomenon of local nature.


> Following in the direction of AERI's main objectives, we have created a school program, which explains and demonstrates the importance and significance of the French Resistance. The theme of the program is: "Values of the Resistance, Values of today". Using this theme to guide the program, we try to motivate students to take a more active role in their communities, as well as, to motivate other youths to consider more closely the values of today.


> The AERI has worked for several years to produce CD-ROMs about the local resistance movement.Within this framework, there are many documents (posters, leaflets, underground newspapers, photographs, etc.), audio archives, and live footage. Thanks to the work of researchers and historians throughout France, we have compiled a base of important documents which make up the beginning of, and constitute a starting point for, the teams working in each different region.

In cooperation with the National Resistance Museum in Champigny-sur-Marne and in close partnership with the Resistance Foundation, we have created a National Online Resistance Museum (Resistance Abroad and in the different regions of France, from 1940 to 1945).

> AERI also publishes other products on the Résistance which are sold on our online store :

  • A CD: The Songs of the Resistance and the Liberation by Anna Marly

  • A documentary film: Women of the Resistance in Shadow and Light by Rolande Trempé

  • A CD-ROM: The Resistance in France, a fight for liberty, edited with Montparnasse-Multimedia

  • A book: Here is the Tomb (Ici est tombé…) of Philippe Castetbon, Tirésias edition

  • First hand accounts of the Resistance and the Deportation, co-edited by Tirésias

All our products are available in our online library


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