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AERI (The Association for the Study of the Resistance in France) was founded in 1993 upon the initiative of a number of prominent members of the Resistance movement, including Lucie (†) and Raymond Aubrac, Jean-Bernard Badaire (†), Jacques Delarue, Maurice Plantier, Jean-Pierre Bloch (†), Serge Ravanel, and Hélène Viannay (†).

The Resistance movement represents a powerful image that should remain a symbol as well as an example for future generations. The incredible bravery of this movement was characterised by the courage of individuals and their ability to stand up for their beliefs despite the huge risks that they faced. The Resistance fighters fought for values such as human rights, liberty, democracy, national independence and against authoritarianism. They were motivated by a strong sense of duty to society and refused to accept blindly what was happening around them.


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